Monday, January 17, 2011

week one...culture shock? pasta shock.

Hellooooo you. You in a different time zone. You who I have not seen in a week. Yes, it has officially been a week already :) I promise to be a more dedicated blogger...this week has been hectic as you might imagine, or as you might also be experiencing. Over this last week I have a. learned how to fly alone, b. mingled with a bunch of amazing people, c. learned how to navigate my way through a foreign country, and d. started intensive italian language classes. For here feels like an extended European trips, class once a day, guided tours, delicious food and drink, and of course shopping (this is Milano). 

I am so impressed with and in awe of the architecture here, lovely.  It is not just the buildings I am impressed with though, I'm in love with the high level of street fashion. People look nice. Always. Amazing fall/winter colors, gorgeous coats...designer hats, scarves, gloves, and boots (it's colder than cold), and even with all this coverage people manage to look fierce at 8am on the metro.

With this change in scenery and style...I'm unsure as to whether I have culture shock or not.  I don't really feel anything yet, who knows if that is good or bad. The one thing I am mainly shocked about is the amount of CARBS I've been eating (yes, butter is a carb). Too much pasta, I have promised myself that I will learn how to cook dinner with a different main dish.  I really never thought I would not want pasta...and it has only been a week. I'm doomed. Other than this pasta shock, I must say the rumors are true, I have had some of the most amazing food so far and I'm inspired to start cooking more :)

A short list of things that I already miss:
my family (including miss hardy), my friends, mountains, oatmeal (still haven't been able to find any), the quiet.

This post is short...much more to come (mainly about fashion and food). For now, however, it is late and I have a full night of beauty sleep ahead of me so I can fit in with the Milanese people :)

xx rachel

the view from my apartment in Milano, it is quite beautiful. 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

first blog post ever.

A little more than twenty four hours until my departure for Italy!